Notes from the booth!

Stage Fright

Some pics from Krystal!



Cat’s Cradle

Rehearsals have started and we are on our way!  The cast and crew are hard at work to bring you another great performance.

From our fearless director – Debbie Love:

John Austerman has just about finished building the set. Now we get to paint it!  It
helps having the walls and doors up.  All the actors now know where to come
in and exit and where the window is, instead of guessing.  We had to
rearrange the furniture because the couch (which has been in more plays than
some of the actors) was getting in the way. That threw everybody off for a
few days.

As Claire and Kim find the props the actors are using them.  Everybody’s
having fun making up back stories.  They are getting to where they know
most of their lines in Act 1

Tune in again for further progress!

 Remember Me?

We are in the home stretch!  Polishing the scenes and all the other elements of bringing a great production to the stage . . . we hope to see you on opening night September 7th!

Hello!  Rehearsals for Remember Me? are progessing!  Scenes from rehearsals with Rob Stevenson as Peter, Mary Seputo as Mary, Ray Shea as Brian and Stephanie Judd as Tori.

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